Parent Testimonial

In 2013 my oldest was struggling academically and repeating 4th grade was a difficult decision as a parent to make, but we chose to change schools and give OLG a chance. The first day of school(2013) all 3 of my children came home and it was music to my ears to hear them all say..” we felt like it was home”.  To this day we all feel the same. OLG has been an amazing environment for my children to grow and learn both spiritually and academically and we are so glad we took a leap of faith.
The OLG community is a true family. It is a blessing to know that we can count on the teachers and staff to share the values and love we have taught our boys at home while they receive an excellent education. The love and support of parents and students here is special. I have seen younger children rest their head on their buddies shoulder during Mass. As a volunteer it has warmed my heart to see middle school students hug a pre-school child on the playground. Most of all when my family went through a difficult time,  families were there to support us with meals, prayers and kindness. I am truly grateful for the family my children and I have found at OLG.