Parent Testimonial

As a former student and now a proud parent of OLG students, I couldn’t imagine sending my children to any other school. The teachers and administration show in every way their genuine care and passion for our children and their education. They instill values and morals that are routinely complemented in pure admiration.


Gracevine -When I retired from the Council Rock School District after teaching for 37 years, I knew I would miss being in the classroom.  Thankfully, a golden opportunity opened up for me.  I was able to begin substituting in Our Lady of Grace.

Our Lady of Grace has been a wonderful place to continue my love of teaching.  I have come to wait expectantly for those phone calls from Barb Tertel asking if I am available to teach for the day.  I have seen enthusiastic, hard-working and polite students.  The well-planned and creative projects that line the hallways are amazing. The extra activities that are made available to the students are extensive.  Amazing activities that correlate with the curriculum are displayed in the classrooms. I always look forward to working with the friendly and professional staff. I have found that Mrs. Lewis and the teachers provide a safe and nurturing environment where every child is given the opportunity to put their best foot forward in the classroom.

In my mind, it is too bad school only lasts nine months! I really enjoy my teaching days at Our Lady of Grace.